Pain Relief Testimonial ~ Emily

Not only has Emily found pain relief, but she also cancelled her knee surgery! Watch how this Scudder Physical Therapy patient, a RKC-Certified personal trainer with a medial meniscus tear, uses a simple McKenzie MDT movement to keep her moving and working with her clients!

Pain Relief Testimonial ~ Karyssa

Check out this video interview with one of my very first telehealth physical therapy clients, a female collegiate athlete who was not only unable to enjoy her sport, but life in general.  Now she's doing great!  With just four telehealth sessions she found pain relief and got her life back!

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Josh Cavaness ~ MD

"Highly recommend Dr. Scudder!  I had constant back and knee pain for several months - I went to a doctor a few months ago and even had a small surgery but was still left in constant pain... After a few online sessions with Dr. Scudder I was able to learn  several exercises and routines that I can do to help ease and resolve the pain I was feeling.  She was able to diagnose the cause of my pain quickly and efficiently and followed up frequently to monitor my progress.  The app was very easy to download and the online sessions were easy to navigate to as well--it was great to be able to schedule a session fomr the convenience of my home too (what a time saver!) Now I am able to run more frequently and can do more of the physical activities that I enjoy.  Thank you again Dr. Scudder!

Megan Maloney ~ VA

Betsy is a miracle worker!  She worked with me to help with neck pain I had started experiencing a year prior when I started working a desk job.  Within a week the pain was practicially non-existent and by the second week ti was completely gone.  She not only helped me with my current situation, she also took the time to deducate me and equip me so that I could prevent it moving forward and would know what to do if it came back.  All of that and she did it from the comfort of my home!  With my busy schedule it was sucha a blessing to just have to turn on my computer!  You will not regret working with Betsy!  She is knowledgeable, caring, reliable, convenient, and will have you feeling better in no time!

Dana Shepherd ~ VA

Betsy is the absolute best!  She is caring, professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable.  She finds the root of the problem and knows how to truly fix it and then teaches you how to help yourself.  I had months of pain and then after just one session with Betsy I was feeling major relief!  The online portal and video system is so easy to use and couldn't be any more convenient.  I highly recommend Scudder Physical Therapy the the telehealth system for treatment.

Sue Bauernfeind ~ VA

HIghly recommend Betsy!  I always thought a torn meniscus had to end with surgery, but Betsy showed me otherwise!  After a few online sessions I am back to walking, hiking, biking and even skiing without pain.  Getting an appointment was as easy as downloading an app and what a time saver to be able to have your appointment right from your own home!

Ellen Clouse ~ VA

Betsy was great!  She was able to pinpoint the cause of my shoulder pain through a very thorough evaluation and then gave specific instructions on how to alleviate the pain through physical movement.  All this being done via the convenient telehealth video conference.  I have been greatly helped by Dr. Scudder for various aches and pains over the years.  She has always impressed me by her knowledge and expertise with the result being my restoration to complete physical health each time.  

Ryley Gill ~ VA

Huge shoutout to Scudder Physical Therapy for always being there for me with my troubled times as an athlete.  Even to this day, at the collegiate level, she is helping me not only with any pain, but also with school, as I am majoring in exercise science!