FAQs: How Can I Get Pain Relief?


What is the "McKenzie Method" or "MDT"?

This approach to assessing musculoskeletal injuries allows for diagnostic classification of your symptoms, which then leads directly to a movement-based treatment.  Emphasis is also placed on correcting posture based on your body's needs.  This Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment system is one of the most highly evidence-based physical therapy approaches out there today.  I use it almost exclusively because I have seen it work to provide pain relief over and over again for people with multiple different musculoskeletal concerns.  For more information, check out www.mckenzieinstituteusa.org  

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

You don't!  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I have Direct Access licensure in Virginia and can treat you for up to 4 weeks without a medical doctor's prescription.  In Maryland, there is no limitation on the period of care.  If you have a physician I can communicate with about your care, please provide his or her contact information so I can fax notes or reach them with any questions we may have.  

Do you participate with any insurance providers?

Not at this time.  In an effort to focus on solely on patient care, I will accept credit card, check or cash payments for my services and provide you with the paperwork to submit to your insurance company.  I will make every effort to keep my prices fair and in line with out-of-network costs charged by traditional PT clincs in the area.  Also note that Medicare does not cover telehealth physical therapy...but again, stay tuned

Can you provide a superbill I can submit to my insurance company for reimbursement?

Yes (see above).  Telehealth services are billed using the same service codes as in traditional PT settings.  Reimbursement will vary between insurance carriers, however.  Check your policy for specific questions regarding out-of-network PT reimbursement. 

Why should I pay cash for PT when it is covered by my insurance company?

Excellent question.  Consider the fact that each time you attend a PT session in a conventional clinic, you are paying a co-pay or deductible which may be quite high.  You likely will be one of several patients in the clinic that your PT needs to provide care for at the same time.  So, you are paying for and receiving divided attention, and because of this you may not see results as quickly as you would like.  During a Scudder Physical Therapy session, I see you, and only you, for the exact period of time you chose.  Your care is individualized, optimized, and efficient.  You pay cash for personal trainers, massage therapists...and now you can choose to pay for a Doctor of Physical Therapy to come to you!

I live in North Carolina. Can I schedule an online evaluation with Scudder Physical Therapy?

If you are visiting Virginia or Maryland at the time of our session, yes.  Current telehealth regulations require that a patient receiving telehealth physical therapy services must physically be in the state for which the treating therapist holds a license, at the time of service. I am currently licensed to practice PT in Virginia and Maryland. These regulations are evolving, however, and will likely allow for interstate telehealth practices in the near future. Stay tuned!